How To Use Your Copywriting Skills To Pick Up Women In Bars And Clubs

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“What line, what opener should I use in order to start a conversation with a girl?”

That’s probably the most common question men ask in the pick-up scene. Sometimes, I go out to a night club with a list of openers that I’m gonna use, but suddenly when I’m in the club, they all seem so stupid and lame, that I eventually get even more confused.

For some reason, clubs were always more fun and interesting to me. I never liked to pick up women during the day. I just love the dynamic environment of a night club, or at least a bar.

You have such a big variety of women in a club, and they all look so slutty and sexy. But there is a big negative side to night clubs: because men feel so comfortable to approach girls in a club, the attractive women just can’t handle all those men.

A beautiful woman in a club can be approached 10 and even 20 times during a night out, and that’s just too much for her to handle.

Men who approach with their boring and low energy pick-up lines, keep getting a slap in the face.

So how can you make a girl want to talk to you? In this post I will discuss several great ideas to make a girl talk to you in a club. In fact, these kinds of openers work almost only in a night scene. Don’t try them while approaching a girl in the supermarket.

 You Have Strong Competition

A girl in a night club usually gets typical openers from guys. They are either giving her fake compliments (“you are cute”, “I love your shirt”, etc.), or simple say “hi”. Now, all these openers can work, if you know to use very attractive body language. But body language is something that is hard to learn, and you will get it through lots of experience with women.

So instead, you can improve the openers that you use.

In a night club, a good opener has to make the girl curious. To make her want to hear more and learn more about you. And this is exactly where the need for good copywriting comes from.

Think about writing an advertisement to a client who is really busy getting lots of offers and sales calls every day. In our world, actually, most of the people are such clients. We are all surrounded by ads and offers. But yet, a good copywriter knows how to penetrate through our shield of rejection. Sometimes, he would use very creative ways.


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For example, I once saw an ad, that began with the words “Don’t Be Afraid: We are not selling you anything”. And yet, in the end, he actually did try to offer me to buy something. But the title made me read everything and leave my rejections behind.

Creative Ways To Start A Conversation With A Girl

In my posts, you can see lots of unique and sometimes “strange” ways to start a conversation with a girl.

Think about it, if you were the only man on earth, the best way to start a conversation would have been “Hi, can I talk to you?”. But because there is a competition between men, you need to be more interesting, more creative and make women to prefer to talk specifically with you.

Sometimes, those openers are not very attractive, but they are the best way to start a conversation with a girl. It’s like telling a client: “Don’t worry, I am not going to sell you anything”.

This is where openers like the following come from: telling the girl that you are gay, asking her if her friend is single, telling that you hate women and you just went out to have fun, and so on.

These are not really “attraction builders”, but they do get very high results in opening a conversation.

You Can Build Attraction Later

Let’s take as an example, the opener, in which you tell a girl that you are gay. What happens is that the girl is first of all a bit attracted to you, because you don’t want her. But also, she, is not feeling awkward to talk to you: you don’t want anything from you, and it’s sounds interesting to talk to a gay guy.

Later on, you can tell her you were joking. It’s not a lie – it’s just a joke.

There are also examples of openers that seem to be very unattractive. For example, I love to tell girls in a club: “I’m so sad… I can’t find a girl who wants me”. And you know what? All of them want to talk to me. They would tell me that I still have chances, that I a pretty guy and I should just find the right girl. And almost always it starts a conversation.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Creative

So don’t be afraid to be creative. When you are in a night club, let your mind free. There are so many openers and lines that might sound stupid, but will actually get girls talk to you and even go to your place on the same night. Just try and see what works for you.

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